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DAR DYALI (My Home) is a high-end brand that represents a time-honored

tradition of preparing Moroccan delights by hand, the legacy of Grandma Sultana

who passionately turned almonds into gold and citrus blossoms into perfumes. 

This legacy has been preserved, being handed down from one generation to the next.

It combines the art of élite Moroccan Patisserie, both classical and modern, with an

emphasis on appearance, quality, and an uncompromisingly high level of décor.

I am excited to present you with a select choice from our unique collection of

royal delights which will bring you the richness of colors, smells, and tastes of

Morocco - The land of the Magical Atlas and Sahara. 

I invite you to share in an experience that is all about the passion for food,

hospitality and joyous occasions.

Yossi Azulay.

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